Monday, February 11, 2013

it's a line, 'i know my strengths'. draped by the most 
charming modesty

an underhanded boast, semi-self-depracating. it insinuates, uses her own imagination against her so she'll stand there, in front of you, holding a beer in her hand, eyes flashing to all the things they could be and what she wants them to be. you just stand there with your signature smirk and she'll swoon over the thought of she really wants. she'll project them onto you- 

i use this line with a lot of girls

it didn't work this time though, she actually
asked me to name them 
and i was dumbfounded with a half open mouth and i realized that maybe i am not as interesting as i thought. for a split second i was tempted to let the crazy out, tear the corner back just an inch and amaze
everyone. let them know
i am engrossing. i am wise. i have been to places that you have not. i am fascinating, i am an experiment, i am a car-crash, i am a work of art, 
i am not as nice as you think i am.

i have spent these last four years have been spent trying to become boring, sane;
i have normalized myself to the degree that i 
have to search my head for aproximately 73 seconds to find a single
thing i am good at.

"i'm good at talking to people."

nailed it.

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