Tuesday, July 23, 2013

i wanted to be a;
veterinarian, a singer.
when i was six years old.
i wanted to live in a mansion
on the moon.

now i pay too much money for not enough space in
West Harlem, Washington Heights.
it's a
dominican neighborhood,
each day they raise flags and
angry boys. 

seventy square feet
when i speak the words bounce off the walls,
circle the light fixtures 
like confused moths.
theres not enough room for conversation so i 
tend to keep quiet.

i am 22 and i see now 
reality is that most people
never become what they wanted to be
when they were six years old.

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A Reckless Dreamer said...

Pretty much sums up my life too, but hey 22 is just the beginning to turn it all around. At least that's what I tell myself each morning when I am too lazy to get up for college. You have hope too.


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