Wednesday, July 17, 2013

i will drink all of the orange juice and put the empty carton back in the refrigerator
i don't know why, i won't think about it... this won't be pre-meditated,
sometimes i just do things.

i will forget to take the trash out, often, even if it means lifting my heavy shoes over the bags to get to
the front door, i will happily pass by it without a 
i will respond with the wrong facial expression or laugh nervously when you're sad or
dye my hair red without warning you.
i will come home at two thirty A.M. with:
 -a new sofa
       -a newborn kitten with twenty six toes
i will come home at two thirty A.M. with that excited look on my face and try to
drag you out of bed.

i will also pick up more orange juice or devise a system of pulleys 
and levers
for the trash
i will buy you strawberries instead of flowers and hold you all night after a particularly painful
grey's anatomy
i will wake up without a fight at two thirty A.M. for a bottle and you will wake, hours later, to find me on the couch with a baby-creature sleeping on my chest. 
i will come home at two thirty A.M.
and it will be to you.

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