Tuesday, February 18, 2014

i compared myself to light coffee once, to
two creams and two sugars
sweet enough to leave you shaking all day and just warm
enough to drink
and boring

  i think i have begun to burn, evolve, emerge from the ashes with
hard hands and anger,
desire, lust, i feel like the warrior that i kept
hidden for all these years.

i think i am smoke
i am tectonic plates 
grinding, last night i dreamed of all sorts of
horrible things and i refuse to turn a single frame into
words, knock on wood
this is an unfinished poem, i am scared nearly
all of the time.


AVY said...

I stopped being scared a long time ago, now I'm just silent.



S. said...

I'm in love with all of your words. You are truly one of the most talented bloggers/writers I've found on here. I hope someday you fill books with your work - I'd buy them all.


Cheryl said...

Beautiful, beautiful. Especially this:

"this is an unfinished poem; I am scared nearly all of the time".

Which is my life now, really.

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