Monday, July 14, 2014

i should write a web series
i should call my aunt
i should scrub the door frame
i should organize all my clothes
i should run 
and run
and run
there are so many hours in a day when you are not
battling yourself.

my brain is surging against the sandbags, i feel
fractured into the most basic
islands of myself

i am digging into the sand and there is an ocean 
to protect me from all the

the purest self, i am crystalized
and extracted, my heart is 
open and fluttering
i love her a thousand times with the energy
of a thousand suns. 
i love life 
a thousand times with the energy of a thousand 

i am a better this way and i stumble
across the yard
trying to catch
like fireflies. 

and i am happy
i am happy
i am happy

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