Sunday, July 20, 2014

sext: i'm writing sad things again- are you coming over or not?

sext: i am a blackhole and licking the milky way from your chin.

sext: remember when we lost the key to the handcuffs? i had to hide you under the blankets when your mother came home and you had these horrible bruises after. it seems strange to me that i can no longer recall your face but i can see those bright red scratches as if they were still throbbing your wrists.

sext: i thought your fingers were knives coring me, i have not been the same since.

sext: the expression on your face when you feel her, fingers grazing adjacent peaks, and are met with a flash flood. the fracture in your breathing, the dark overtaking your eyes like bleeding ink from her hips like kindling to yours... send nudes.

sext: i want to lap at your stream even if i die of Typhoid the next day. 

sext: i am Poland and you are Germany and i want you to invade me. take everything, hollow me as if you'd promised not to.

sext: when i lost my virginity, i couldn't stop thinking about whether my Amazon books would have been delivered by the time i got back to my house. i don't think it's supposed to be like that. let's try again. 

sext: my poetry is masturbatory, i'd like to see you read it.

sext: i used to have this nightmare, two girls would throw me in a hole and leave me to starve. i used to wake up writhing, i think you were one of them. 

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