Sunday, July 20, 2014

the lifeline (sons and daughters)

our organization was founded when the CEO had her 
mother arrested for claiming to be the queen of Australia, 
for crying and kicking like an infant, for turning the gas on 
and her mind off-
violently catatonic.
the Lifeline's success rate is estimated at 85%, meaning 15% 
after 8-12 minutes
into a place that we all know but don't dare say.

we see parents more helpless than their children, we see children who
are too old for this world, check themselves out like library books
in waiting rooms, full of too many long words that were not formed with the intention
of ever being spoken by gapped-teeth.

a man named "Richard" donates 38 dollars every month and I have to wonder
if it was his son's allowance money and if he cannot breathe 
with it in his bank account-

she worries that i will burn out, that i will
click silent with every dropped call, that i will speak at the dinner table for 8-12 minutes
and then disappear like the 15% but
i am not the queen of Australia,

our success rate is 85%, 
there is no winning in this field
but we're pretty fucking close-

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