Saturday, February 28, 2015

i am the inside of a conch shell, breakable and
thinner than the touch of it.
when they crawl inside,
i become a home; when they are gone i find 
an indecipherable emptiness.
this is not good; 
i do 
many things that are not good but this,
this is the beautiful least of them.

my therapist says that i am always looking for a new way
to blame myself, i am dog eared, pounding my tail to the hardwood 
when captured by a side eye, bounding to the fireplace of maybe 
before returning to the warm spot. i do not eat sadness 
like cereal;
but walk into the wave and swallow it. 

phone battery at 2%, self control at 2%, 
i must move my mouth impulsively, i must fill my shell 
with moving water. 
i am at peace with my growling need, i am okay with being filled. 

this is self actualization, i just never understood 
that it's precipice 
would take this much balancing.

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