Friday, May 8, 2015

"King Darius, any man who pray to other idols or request anything
of you shall be put to death, shall be fed
to the beasts"
Daniel spends
1.50$ more on coffee at the store because it is closer
and faster. Daniel spends
too much time saving time. Darius is always
pulling his hand and wasting Sundays, Daniel
has no time for it,
Daniel wishes his watch weren't broken,
Daniel wishes he had an hour to spare.
Darius calls and says,
"baby come back, i will give
all you ask of me"
Daniel says,
"will you bare your teeth?"
Darius calls and says,
"baby, i swear- if you pray to other gods and i will have you
ripped apart"
Daniel says,
"i choose the lions"
in the morning, he prays, begs
Daniel to be whole. 
Darius calls into the pits and says,
"baby come back, i will file my gentle claws into talons, i will shed my
soft for this"
Daniel says,
"darling, i haven't the time,
i am more lion than man,
i can never give you
the meat of me"

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