Monday, June 22, 2015

how to eat your own heart

bitter, swollen, hard-
Stephan Crane's hunched beast
i am learning to like the taste, the inside
of cheeks bloody raw, each day reopening the
chew marks. i am trying to satisfy the hunger
with loneliness

with each bite,
"take it from me, take it away, it is underripe,
it is sour"

she bites into it
like a red apple, i guess some teeth
are just sharper.
starving and wild, fox in a trap, what
will fill the hole
when we finish? i will survive this as an
animal, i will leave the limbs that i must.
dreaming of warm fires and human clothes, dreaming of
what will grow back, if it will be strong, if it
will have more closet space. i score and scratch and
cut the insides of my thighs to pieces,
when a clay pot is broken
you must ruin it
so the mending sticks

wipe my chin, straighten my spine, grow thumbs-

"i like it, i like it
because it is bitter
and because it is my heart"

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