Sunday, July 12, 2015

Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde.

one, two, three-
there is a waterslide in Memphis, TN consisting of a single straight line and it 
receives 1 star on yelp, "pretty 
boring tbh", no one falls asleep with dreams of transforming into a 
lazy river. 

Dr. Jekyll drinks the potion each morning with a 
cup of coffee, Dr. Jekyll pretends that Mr. Hyde isn't
waiting in the bedroom with whiskey fists. At night they play,
drive their headlights straight for each other to see which will
swerve. Dr. Jekyll goes to therapy and cries because
he always does first. 
Hyde drains his bank account, Jekyll 
apologizes for the depleted funds.  

Mr. Hyde prays that
he did not exist, flushes the pills to assure
that he will. 
Dr. Jekyll kisses him with no tongue-
Hyde reaches in his chest and pulls out a candy-apple heart,
makes him finish the whole thing. At night they play, Dr. Jekyll says
"I love you and I want you to die", 
Hyde says
"Then do it, I never wanted to be a villain, I never asked to exist" 
and bares his neck.


Brigitte said...

who are u?

cynical bones said...

just someone with too many words inside of her.

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