Thursday, December 10, 2015


i tied a string around me, slammed the door
to the taste of penny-blood. you say, "stop
drinking all the coffee in the morning", i say
"i am taking everything from you, i am still
a nervous cat coaxed
half way from under the bed, you hurt me more than 100 days
can fix", dirty hands like pulling loose teeth, you say
"what a beautiful face" and mean it,
i send emojis because i am losing the ability to
love things, send me back like misplaced mail, losing
too many teeth to defend my tongue-
i'll be the whipping post, darling,
my heart was nudged into falling out
year by year like
baby teeth.

there is always clay under my finger nails, i pretend that
i know what mirrors are, i pulled the rug out like
razing your mouth, stole your teeth so you couldn't speak the words
i'd wanted for so long but
set to sea to kill the longing,
i apologize for these hands, i apologize for these hands.

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Olia said...

Such a dark poem, made me imagine so many underlying stories. I really like how descriptive you are and thinking about the hidden meanings behing your metaphors.

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