Wednesday, March 1, 2017

play the game where you are wolf and i am
play the game where my fingers are made of sharks and
you are a holy
mess between your legs, Virgin Mary- i am
cumming and you are coming
over to touch the softest parts of me. jesus fuck, twisting
arteries like hair in fist, twisting fist like manually
jump-starting a pulse. jesus
when i was in catholic school i used to 
look up at the big jewel windows, 
think about the holy water pooling into my hand and how
you could make something to worship out of me. jesus fuck,
how i cock back your jaw and how you 
take me in your mouth like communion. jesus, i am
baptized into this fucking, i am devoured and beheaded and kneeling
kneeling in front of you, 
take my head
for your silver plate.

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