Sunday, April 30, 2017


paint indifference over my body like red shellac, 
like dipping into 
candy apple sugar.
can you feel the hesitation knotted in my stomach? 
can you feel yourself
inside of me?
we are not too different
you and i.

when i see a picture on the internet of two lions 
i think of you.
not because of greygold mane or the sweat beaded
on your stomach 
but because of retracted claws and yowl, 
mewling kittens,
battering rams 
and you holding onto me like a lifejacket.

when i see two rats on the subway tracks
tearing each other apart, i think of you 
and i
tearing each other apart.
hold my sex in your cupped palm
like holy water.
lap at me with your lion tongue,
i will be as hard as candy apple,
twice as sweet.

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